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 Parents' Page  

The First Note

If you are contemplating piano lessons for your children, start by having the discussion with your child about piano lessons. Share videos of both established and very young pianists. Take them to piano concerts and recitals. Play piano music of all genres. Bathe them with the wonderful sensory experience that is piano played well. Adults interested in learning to play piano should do the same for themselves. Adults learn differently, so think about what you'd like to be able to do at the piano, and we can move toward that.

Teach In Harmony

Research and interview teachers who care about and are successful with children. Ask for referrals from others who have had positive experiences. Piano lessons involves a multi-faceted relationship between students, teacher and families. Get a feel for the teacher who will work well with you and your child. If you are an adult seeking lessons, come prepared to ask a lot of questions about what you can expect. The time we spend together respects your life knowledge, your interests, and making a plan to move you toward a positive experience.

The Future Sounds Good

My own parents gave me the gift of music when I was very young, first with singing classes, and then, at the age of eight, private piano lessons. Because of my piano training, I was also able to enjoy success as a violinist throughout my teens and adulthood. I will be forever grateful that they saw some ability in me and put forth the expense and effort to help with its cultivation. Music adds richness to the human experience. It is not only a discipline of concentration and repetition, but it adds depth to the understanding of the self and how it fits beautifully into the scheme that is life.

Leona Rae Jones-Gervase, BMEd, MSEd, CPC

I am a veteran of the Plainfield, Illinois School District where I served as an elementary music teacher until my recent retirement. My own private studio has been active about 40 years, and I still enjoy refining the art and nuance of teaching - and working with those talented students who share my studio with me. My experience as an occupational therapy practitioner in the schools and as a professional coach also broaden my skill set for working with a diverse "musical family."

I’d love to talk music with you!

1701 Devonshire Lane | Shorewood, IL | 60404 |

Tel: 630-723-4478 

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