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People ask me, "Why Piano on the Pond?" I'm sure that conjures myriad images, from an old upright on the pond's shoreline to a glistening, black concert grand floating over the pond's depths.


For me, Piano on the Pond inspires numerous sensory experiences.  The golden dance of rippling water, the shoreline grasses bending to the wind's prodding, and the dry murmurings of trees direct my senses to understand how I fit into it all. I am inspired by the call and response of bullfrogs at dusk and growing ducklings trailing behind their mothers. I am alert to the honking of geese as they slide into the stillness of the water and am amused by their drama en masse. Water-cooled air refreshes my skin in August, and I feel it draw me as close to my Creator as when I perform a Brahm's Interlude or when I pray for peace everywhere. I inhale the musky night at the final dog run of the evening and feel the essence of teeming life in and around the pond. It fills my senses the same way quirky passages in a Prokofiev sonata inspire my imagination. 


The tastes of barbeque and watermelon, of sweet corn and sweet wine, all conspire to inspire my senses. These things are as much music to me as my fingers navigating the piano, reviewing old repertoire I refer to as "my friends." They are known elements of my existence but also offer me little moments of the unexpected to keep me alert to the wonder of it all.

This is life: great music, good food, fine friends, family, and the ever-changing life of this pond.


Let life inspire you!

Not as long as you breathe!
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